When does Dragon Ball Super 2 start?

It has been a long time since the Dragon Ball franchise, has not released anything new, regarding the anime. Despite this, the manga continues ahead of Toyotaro and Toriyama, continuing the arc of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner and his feared villain; Moro the planet debaker.

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Will there be a second season of Dragon Ball Super?

Masaki Sato, the former Dragon Ball entertainer, was interviewed at the Japan Expo Sud 2020 event and revealed that the second season of Dragon Ball Super is on the way.

The animator commented that he has heard many stories about the second part of Dragon Ball Super, and although the format (series or movie) is not defined. You are sure, the brand will not allow Dragon Ball Super to end in the Tournament of Power.

What is the release date of Dragon Ball Super 2?

There is no scheduled date for the release of a Dragon Ball movie or series yet. And Toei Animation, the studio in charge of animation for Dragon Ball Super, already has two big projects for this year 2020, which makes it almost impossible for us to see the return of Dragon Ball Super this year.

However the year 2021, may bring a big surprise for fans of the world’s largest anime franchise.


Unofficial trailer for Dragon Ball Super season 2

A YouTube channel, known as Dragon Ball TV, showed an unofficial trailer for Dragon Bal Super season 2, so fans can watch it and quench their cravings for more Dragon Ball Super.

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