Tapion (Dragon Ball Z) plays his ocarina with real sound on this $600 figure

” Dragon Ball Z ” is, for many reasons, the favorite saga within the Akira Toriyama franchise for practically all of his followers. One of the great reasons for this is to have a selection of high-quality films, such as ‘Attack of the Dragon’, in which we find one of the audience’s favorite supporting characters: Tapion. Today, this hero is represented with a spectacular figure that includes the real sound of his ocarina.

The spectacular Figure of Tapion, from Dragon Ball Z, with the melody of the film

Before going into detail about the respective images, we will leave you with a short video in which you can appreciate the representation of the iconic melody in “Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the dragon”:

After this, we leave you with a detailed look through its various images, which show all the perspectives of the figure with precision.

View visual samples, emphasize that this is an issue with limited, so those interested in acquiring one of these can already be reserved through anime-collect. On the other hand, we will highlight that there are two different models of this Tapion figure, one of 48 centimeters whose price rises up to 430 dollars and another of 72 centimeters in which the final price remains at 610 dollars.

Other details regarding the figure are found in that it has two interchangeable heads , one in which we see the character of “Dragon Ball Z” with open eyes and another in which we see him with closed eyes . Also, in case there is any doubt, the figure includes a certificate of authenticity, a box with art of very limited units and, ultimately, a special illustration. The Tapion figure will not begin to be distributed until a date to be determined in the second quarter of 2021.

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